Organizational Leadership

I advise leaders and teams on how to build cultures of belonging and inclusion by disrupting practices that keep management and employees from feeling fulfilled in their roles and limiting the impact of the company. I specialize in working with mission-driven organizations, particularly in the nonprofit sector. I find that many organizations have good intentions, but how companies live into their values is informed by norms that are inherited from some very old-school thinking that does not center the well-being of people. This is because our organizations are typically built upon a system of expectations that does not believe that the people of a company have wisdom to contribute. Organizations inherit unconscious values that position people at the top as having the most important things to say and everyone else needing to follow or cater to the people with the most power.

Create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Organizations are learning how to operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion. In general, companies are not well practiced enough in racial justice to disrupt patterns of bias, misuse of power, and bad behavior. Organizations are not set up well to support people in working through conflict, difference, or a transformation of the organizational culture. 

It takes systems change and the practice of operationalizing a culture of inclusion and belonging to create a new environment. I bring my experience of leading culture change with a compassionate approach to create new ways of operating. I help companies revise HR policies, advise on hiring practices, investigate forms of decision-making to share power, and create workspaces where people can offer feedback while feeling valued and respected.

What You Can Expect If You Decide to Work with Me

When working with companies, I typically offer group work and individual 1:1 coaching sessions. We can break the consulting work by team or level within the organization. Oftentimes, it is helpful to offer support based on the types of roles people are playing because the needs of executive leadership will be different than those on the ground. Designated spaces for coaching by teams helps to alleviate power dynamics while preparing people for big group interventions. 

I lead with creativity and kindness because embarking on change is often scary for people. This can show up as defensiveness or the overwhelming feeling that change is not possible. I like to partner with people to offer accountability toward their goals. My training as a human development scholar, mindful activist, and medical qigong practitioner helps me to understand the developmental phases that people and organizations move through while offering practices of mindfulness and ways to understand why our brains or bodies may be habituated to patterns that are unhelpful to our desire for change. I take time to build trust so people can be honest about the places where they feel stuck.

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Organizational Leadership