Academic Research

My academic research focuses on reimagining Thai American women’s becoming. I draw from the results of a qualitative study of eighteen Thai American women who reinvent the experience of Thainess. Inspired by Gloria Anzaldúa’s autohistoria-teoría theory, our narratives explore spirituality, healing, and the development of Thai women’s consciousness. The research offered participants an opportunity to engage in the unique experience of connecting with other Thai women to address external and internalized forces of oppression. For many of the women, this was the first time being in a collective space dedicated to exploring what it means to be Thai. This research aims to contribute new voices and perspectives to the freedom movement of U.S. Women of Color. This knowledge is grounded in Anzaldúa’s autohistoria-teoría theory and conocimiento philosophy.

The power of collective healing is transformative, and it starts with us.

The approach and production of knowledge are unique in that we, as Thai American women, are on a transformational journey to understand our Thai identity. The process is ever evolving. I would love to connect to other Thai women in the United States and beyond who are interested in exploring the role of spirituality, healing, and sociopolitical development through research and a community of practice. I welcome invitations to share the research and community learnings in forums that can help uplift Southeast Asian voices. I am also interested in collaborating with other academics who would like to present at conferences or co-author articles together. In the lineage of Anzaldúa’s philosophy of conocimento, research can be a vehicle for healing with aims for liberation from external and internalized forces of oppression. 

A monthly Thai women’s community grew out of the research study. This monthly community meets on Zoom and offers a space to support collaboration among the women as they reclaim their power as Thai American healers, academics and activists. Online discussions have included sharing of personal stories growing up Thai American, explorations of ethnicities within the Thai diaspora, recipe sharing, and a forum to lead healing practices such as meditation and breathwork. The space is held collectively as a regular place to drop-in and check-in with the support of other Thai women who have your best interest in mind. It is in these community spaces where we can feel the strength of our collective power.

Join me on a transformative journey to explore the rich and diverse experiences of Thai American women.

together, we can create a safe and supportive space where Thai American women can connect, collaborate, and reclaim their powers.

Please fill out the form below to connect with me regarding collaborations, speaking engagements, or to learn more about the Thai women’s community.

I invite you to share your interest in my research and community of practice. I appreciate your willingness to connect with me and discuss your thoughts and experiences related to Thai American women’s becoming. Your input is invaluable and will contribute to the ongoing evolution of my work. The form below provides an opportunity for you to communicate your interests and ideas, and to explore the possibilities for collaboration and community building. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your engagement in this transformative process.

Academic Research