When our hearts are healed, we can reimagine the world.

– Usa Lee

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Hi, I’m Usa Lee Prompongsatorn.

I am the first of my Thai Chinese family born in the United States. I am a bridge across cultures with a mashup of intertwined experiences across our Asian ethnicities. A bridge from my Chinese lineage to ancestors I have never met and as a granddaughter and cousin to my family in Thailand. I am the jungles and villages of my parents in Betong, Rayong, and Chantaburi. I am the ocean and rivers of Asia, and the waters of Southern California beaches. I am from the textile factories of Downtown Los Angeles and the suburb of Norwalk. Now in my late 40s, I understand the uniqueness of being Thai, Chinese, and American as I am not 100% one or the other but a mix of everything and all that is in between. I traverse boundaries and live in liminal spaces. Because of this, it has taken me time to discover who I truly am beyond all the categories assigned to us by race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, and the many assessments we put upon people. I am learning how to be my more authentic self through a better understanding of the developmental challenges created because of the cultural, political, and social systems that inform who we believe we are and who we believe we can be.

My explorations in spirituality, healing, and sociopolitical development are the foundation of how I approach my life as a friend, partner, and community member. My experiences as a nonprofit executive, coach, and thought leader inform my approach. I am discovering the roots of my belongingness, and on this journey, I hope to support others to find what belongingness means to them. I am entering a new phase of my personal life caretaking for my parents. My caretaking experience also heavily informs my perspective. I’m learning new ways to relate to my father who has alzheimers and my mother who is his primary caretaker. Alot is lost in translation between our Thai and Americanness, but we are learning to navigate through the complexities of aging and the change of family roles. It’s important to me to hold meaningful relationships and relate through humor with friends, family, in professional and spiritual communities. You can find me on my bright yellow Ebike, baby tigre, riding along the beach in the South Bay of Los Angeles. I love the feeling that comes from wanderlust – allowing myself to lose myself in the moment. I spend time cooking nourishing meals and trying out new recipes to support my hormonal health. I’m often documenting my experiences through photography because I find aliveness in capturing memories through digital snapshots and making funny little videos for social media.

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My Approach

I support people and organizations through transformational change to bring forward the inherent wisdom of each person while reimagining social structures to promote the liberation of self and systems.

I integrate my doctorate studies in Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice to support others to lead complex culture change processes that demand a high degree of emotional intelligence, honesty, and tolerance for conflict.

“…we can tap tremendous inner power which connects us with a much larger outer world and opens us to possibilities for transformation.”

– AnaLouise Keating, The Anzaldúan Theory Handbook



Disrupt the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. Hone your intuition. Identify internal and external barriers. Together we can cultivate your inner wisdom and activate your authentic self to access your superpower for personal and collective change. You can do this!


Create new ways of being through practice and embodiment. Transform through healing and resilience building. Reimagine what your life and what your organization can look like and try things out. Experiment courageously. Bring more love, spaciousness and creativity into your life.


As you practice life in a new way, feel the spaciousness that healing allows. Connect to the expansive energy of our interdependence with other beings. As we heal, we can inspire and support the healing of others. Our collective healing opens new possibilities for everyone.

Work with Me

honor your wisdom.


An organizational development approach that situates inclusive leadership for social justice at the center to investigate the complex ways power and injustice manifest in organizations. A focus on organizational culture and leadership change to intervene at the heart of where change is often needed. Collaborative processes that build organizational systems that support the people and mission of an organization.

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Coaching is a powerful tool for BIMPOC identified individuals who seek to break through systemic barriers and reach their full potential as leaders. My specialized coaching focuses on helping emerging and established leaders of color navigate predominantly white systems by using anti-racist approaches to disrupt white supremacy culture and promote positive change and growth within. Change happens internally and externally.

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My academic research investigates spirituality and healing in the lives of Thai American women with aims of expanding the voices of Asian Americans. I welcome inquiries to collaborate on academic and personal projects that uplift the sociopolitical experiences of Thai American Women with a specific focus on the role of spirituality to help heal from external and internal oppression.

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Great vow for mindful activists

East Bay Meditation Center

Aware of suffering and injustice, I, Usa Lee Prompongsatorn, am working to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. I promise, for the benefit of all, to practice, self-care, Mindfulness, healing, and joy.

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Transformational Art & Healing

Discover how art can transform and revitalize your mind and body.

Embodied Healing

An online holistic approach to wellness for organizations and individuals with a focus to heal from external and internal oppression. Invite spaciousness and flow into the way you approach life. I offer energy movement practices to calm the mind, strengthen the body, and rejuvenate the spirit while understanding that there are systemic forces that cause issues to our well being.

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Creative Expression

An online offering for work teams and individuals to explore creativity. A nourishing way to replenish the soul and process difficult situations. We can’t think our way through pain, but we might dance, draw, collage, or paint our way into healing. Explore your self-expression to connect with your inner artist without judgment. Creativity is a form of resilience building.

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Some of the clients I've worked with

Healthier Generation
Freedom Community Clinic
Peers Net
Beyond Identity
Roots Health Clinic

"Courageously Heartful" on Substack

I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In each issue of my Substack publication, I share my personal stories, insights, and musings on vulnerability, authenticity, and personal growth. Drawing from my experience as a researcher and coach, I offer practical advice and guidance through storytelling. The stories offer reflections for greater resilience, self-awareness, and emotional connection. Through “Courageously Heartful,” I aim to create a safe and supportive space for readers to reflect, connect, and grow alongside a community of like-minded individuals. This is not only a place to read articles, but we will be community building with opportunities to be in live conversation or through a workshop. If you’re seeking inspiration, validation, or simply a place to explore your own journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling life, I invite you to subscribe today and join our vibrant community of heartful individuals.

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“Usa Lee is a phenomenal coach and keen at identifying people’s strengths and building upon their superpower. Her leadership style is inclusive, principled, strategic and grounded in equity”

– C. Jones


“Usa Lee’s involvement always makes things more productive. If she facilitates a group conversation, by the end of it, the group will be more cohesive and its goals will be clearer. She challenges others to grow in an encouraging way; she holds up a light to illuminate the path ahead and she walks alongside you.”

– A. Singh

“If there is a challenge you are experiencing in the workspace then she helps guide you to what is actually triggering you and helps you navigate a solution. She never claims to be the expert and encourages you to own your leadership power.”

– A. Mehta

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